The UKCAE Pathway and Individual Responsibility

The United Kingdom Council for Access and Equality (UKCAE) Pathway encourages positive attitudes and actions throughout an organisation and shows how these can help prevent discrimination on prohibited grounds and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The UKCAE Pathway encourages the break down of common misconceptions and myths by requiring people to examine their own attitudes and opinions towards discrimination. The UKCAE Pathway encourages everyone to look at and understand how certain key principles and concepts, when applied to the workplace, can help create an environment that can be accessed, used and understood to the greatest extent possible, by all people, regardless of their age, culture, ability, size or gender. Real change in the workplace can only be achieved if every individual is engaged.

To achieve a real shift in attitudes and perceptions in the workplace, each of the three Steps on the UKCAE Pathway has an element of employee learning and development relating to diversity and inclusion.

Completion of the UKCAE Pathway

  • proves that an organisation has a diverse and inclusive work culture
  • ensures that all employees understand diversity and inclusion and the associated legislation, that these issues are an integral part of Human Rights, and form a fundamental part of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ensures that each individual throughout an organisation has taken responsibility to understand and remove social and environmental obstacles to equality of access and opportunity thus achieving real cultural change
  • embeds diversity and the concepts of accessibility, clarity, flexibility, inclusiveness and universality as an integral part of the development of any practice or procedure in the workplace

UKCAE Pathway Learning

UKCAE’s role is to develop the UKCAE Pathway and determine the learning requirement to support each part of it. UKCAE itself does not provide courses, training or other ways of meeting the required learning.

The Users area of the UKCAE website has a Learning and Development page with further information on Pathway-related learning.

The UKCAE Learning Requirements set out the criteria for an organisation to complete the relevant modules for each Step.

The UKCAE-approved course for Step 1 is Diversity and Inclusion: What is Discrimination. Details on this course can be found at the Threshold Initiative website (external link).

An organisation can submit a request to gain credit for prior learning, providing this meets the UKCAE learning requirement for each Step.

This learning process is continuous and will develop and maintain a sense of individual responsibility in achieving and implementing ongoing change.

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UKCAE Pathway Step 1 approved course

screenshot of online training module

'Diversity and inclusion: What is Discrimination?' - view demonstration (external link)

UKCAE Pathway Step 2 approved course

screenshot of Step 2 online training module

'Inclusion in the workplace' - view demonstration (PDF 2.8mb)

For further information on these courses visit the Threshold Initiative website